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First of all, we would like to confirm that we are very flexible with each customer’s demand, but in order to assign responsibility shares to all entities involved in the “purchase and import” operation, both in terms of security, transparency and respect of different timing, we apply the following general purchasing process:

  1. Placing an order

The purchasing process is initiated by contact between the buyer and us, the supplier. For any offer, we always send via email. And our quotation will contain the following general information:

  • Purchase order number;
  • The quotation date and validity;
  • The purchase order’s details;
  • The production time;
  • The payment term (L/C, TTR, D/A, D/P...);
  • The price  (FOB, C&F, CIF ...)

Once agreed, we will sign a purchase contract with the items mentioned in the quotation. The contract with your signature we will be faxed or scanned and sent via e-mail.

Next, in order to confirm your order and to start our production, we need your deposit for TTR as payment term; or the opening of a documentary credit for L/C...

  1. Order Tracking

For order tracking, you can connect to your business account on our website. You will therefore have access to the status of your order with pictures, estimated date of departure (ETD)... If you have more than one order on production, you check each dossier with its purchase order number.

During this phase, you can modify your order and so far as possible, this modification will not change the price already confirmed. Otherwise, you can also send your staff or a third party for an inspection or quality control before packaging of the goods.

  1. Import process

Two or three weeks before the end of production, you will be notified to arrange shipping and formalities import - export.

If you buy FOB, we will need your information about your shipping company to retrieve the empty container.

Otherwise, C & F or CIF, we will have our partners in shipping to organize this process.

You will be informed of the arrival date of the order.

  1. Document Processing

We will keep you informed of the completion of customs clearance documents by fax or e-mail so we can rectify (if any), or arrange payment.

The original customs clearance documents will then be shipped by express courier to the designated recipient (buyer, freight forwarder, bank...)

  1. After-sales service

Once payment is made, the dossier will be closed in your business account on our website. But the responsibility towards our customers does not stop at that point but continues throughout your distribution and the service life of these products in wrought iron with ceramic mosaic. To keep our commitment and guarantee your satisfaction, we are ready to offer a full refund. Certainly, we will have some conditions but we will do everything to ensure your pleasure of working with us.