GH-029 Wrought Iron Patio Bistro Chair

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GH-029 Wrought Iron Patio Bistro Chair

Triquimex’s wrought iron patio bistro chair, numbered GH-029, is from our collection of outdoor chairs for export.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

Wrought iron is malleable. You can create many stunning furniture from this special material. A wrought iron chair can have a strong look while still keep its aesthetic look.

The highlight of the wrought iron patio bistro chair is its decorative back. The scrollwork and the V-line rod in the back frame will give you something similar to looking at the face of a bird. It is very lovely. The armrests will give your arms comfort. The lattice seat gives you firm seating. The four legs and an X-stretcher make a stable and strong chair well support your weight.

This wrought iron patio bistro chair is suitable for using in extreme weather conditions. You can place outside all year round with confidence about its durability. At Triquimex, the iron chair frame is powder coated for beauty and anti-rust.

Triquimex specialize in wrought iron outdoor furniture. We successfully export our outdoor tables and chairs to some countries. And this bistro chair is one of them. In Vietnam, the chair is also the popular choice of many coffee shops and restaurants.

The chair is 45/98 cm high and 42 cm wide. It is a stacking chair. The feature will help you save much space for storage and transport. And as a manufacturer and supplier, Triquimex provide you with one-year warranty on the furniture you purchase.

Combine this wrought iron patio bistro chair with a mosaic bistro chair. The bistro set will make a stylish outdoor space. You also may love to add a cushion to the seat for more comfort. Besides manufacturing iron chairs, Triquimex can provide you with accessories that come with the furniture. Therefore, we can provide you with removable soft cushions, if required.