GH-037 Wrought Iron Outdoor Tub Chair

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GH-037 Wrought Iron Outdoor Tub Chair

Triquimex’s wrought iron outdoor tub chair, numbered GH-037, is our furniture for export.

• Slatted back

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

A tub chair will give you large and comfy seating. The back and the armrests are seamless, giving you a throne-like chair. Its lattice seat and slat back bring the chair a stylish look. The four legs are straight and strengthened by an X-stretcher. The foot caps under the legs make the chair stable and protect the floor from scratching.

The wrought iron outdoor tube chair has high quality. It is the choice of many luxury hotels and resorts in Vietnam. We also successfully export it to some countries. The raw iron is carefully chosen to ensure the chair is strong and functional.

In addition, because the chair is intentionally designed for outdoor use, we apply innovative treatments to protect it against the elements. We powder coat the iron frame chair to give it a nice finish and help it to resist rust. And please note that the finish color is optional. Feel free to tell us your desired color.

You can place this wrought iron outdoor tub chair indoors or outdoors. It is great to combine this lovely chair with a mosaic bistro table or an outdoor dining table. The chair and the table will form a very elegant table set, giving you an inviting seating area. Do not forget to add a cushion on the seat to make the chair nicer and you comfier.

The powder coated chair may give you convenience for transport or storage because it is a stacking chair. Several chairs of this model can stack together, saving you much space for storage.

The wrought iron outdoor tub chair is 45/97 cm high and 48 cm wide. The seat is 45 cm wide.