Wrought iron outdoor coffee chair

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GH-063 Wrought iron outdoor coffee chair

Triquimex’s wrought iron outdoor coffee chair, numbered GH-063, is designed for outdoor use. This product is provided by our outdoor furniture factory in Vietnam.

The wrought iron outdoor coffee chair is constructed by iron frame tube curved like artistic iron. Therefore, the chair looks soft although it is made of iron. The iron outdoor coffee chair is treated by powder coating technology in order to help the chair stands out with bad conditions from the environment. This method also helps the chair to prevent rust.

The wrought iron outdoor coffee chair is manufacturer with simple design and attractive color. Triquimex has this product painted in red, white, and blue. However, you can also offer the other color according to your purpose and your garden coffee space. If you want to make it in your own color, don’t hesitate to tell us.

This wrought iron outdoor coffee chair is a suitable choice for garden spaces, outdoor garden coffee shops. The attractive style and youthful color of this chair will make your coffee garden an impressive and modern space. Moreover, this chair can also use for active space for youth nowadays.

The wrought iron outdoor coffee chair is simple in design and various in colors. Thus, it is free for you to choose a suitable one according to your own needs. These products are made by our craftsmen with powder coating technology. In addition, Triquimex is always careful in choosing raw materials and production process to bring our customers products with best quality.

Besides the others iron outdoor coffee chair from our garden furniture factory, the wrought iron outdoor coffee chair gets high attention from customer. This chair is beautiful in design, diverse in color, and able to against bad conditions from the outside. So, if you are concerned about this kind of outdoor coffee chair, please contact us for more detail information.