GH-045 Wrought Iron Outdoor Bistro Chair

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GH-45 Wrought Iron Outdoor Bistro Chair

Triquimex’s wrought iron outdoor bistro chair, numbered GH-45, is from our collection of bistro chairs.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

The chair is 45/100 cm high. The seat is 42 cm wide. The slat seat makes firm seating. Although, it is OK to sit on the iron seat, you can add a cushion to the seat for more comfort. The four legs and the back are constructed of iron rods. The design brings a classic look to the chair. Under the legs are foot caps to make the chair more stable. Sitting on the chair, you will feel relaxing.

This wrought iron outdoor bistro chair is a product of Triquimex, an outdoor furniture exporter. We successfully exported the chair to some countries. The chair has high quality. On the first stage of manufacturing process, we choose quality raw iron to make the chair. After the chair shape is made, we apply powder coating to all metal details. That will help the chair withstand the elements when left outside.

A mosaic table with iron base or a wrought iron table will match the chair. Together they will give you a stunning patio table set. Please note that the finish color of the chair is optional. Also, Triquimex can provide you with cushions, if required. The cushion will give you comfort and make the outdoor set more attractive.

The chair will be a good choice for your garden, patio, balcony, bistro, or café terrace. Wherever you place it, the chair will be a good addition to the décor setting.

You can place this wrought iron outdoor bistro chair outdoors for years with confidence about its durability. Also, the chair requires low maintenance. Moreover, this is a stacking chair. It means you can stack several chairs together to save space for transport or storage.