GH-050 Wrought Iron Knock-down Sled Base Chair

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GH-050 Wrought Iron Knock-down Sled Base Chair

Triquimex’s wrought iron knock-down sled base chair, numbered GH-050, is designed with your convenience in mind.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Knock-down system

The chair is modern in design. The back and the seat are constructed of iron wires. They are simple in design. The back is reclined, making comfy support for you to sit back. The sled base brings the chair a modern look. It makes a stable chair. The chair look delicate but it is strong and will ensure you many years of use.

Triquimex is one of leading players in iron outdoor furniture in Vietnam. We have technical know-how in the field and commit to manufacture quality products. All our outdoor furniture is fully protected to be weather resistant. And this wrought iron knock-down sled base chair is no exception.

We powder coat the chair to give it a nice finish and help it resist rust. And because we are the manufacturer, the finish color can be customized to meet your taste. In addition, if you want to fully protect the chair, we can galvanize the chair before powder coating it.

The chair is 45/85 cm high and 48 cm wide. It can be placed indoors or outdoors. You can place the chair only on the balcony to admire the view at night. Or you can combine it with any types of tables to get a nice table set. Whether you place the set inside or out, the chair will be an interesting addition. Do not forget to add a soft cushion to the seat for more comfort and attractive appearance.

As mentioned, the chair is modern in design. And as an exporter of wrought iron furniture, Triquimex always design our products with convenience in mind. That is the reason why we make this wrought iron knock-down sled base chair. The knock-down system will help you transport the chair more conveniently.