GH-041 Wrought Iron Garden Chair

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GH-041 Wrought Iron Garden Chair

Triquimex is an exporter of metal outdoor furniture from Vietnam. The wrought iron garden chair, numbered GH-041, is one of our products.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

The chair is 45/98 cm high and 42 cm wide. The seat is 40 cm wide. The dimensions will ensure you comfortable position when sitting on the chair. A soft removable cushion in your favorite color will enhance the beauty of the chair and make the seat comfortable for you to sit.

The wrought iron garden chair is nice in design. Wrought iron is a special material to make furniture. Details of wrought iron furniture can come in various shapes and diameters. The diameter of iron rods can affects the whole look of the furniture.

You can easily find the chair strong and elegant. The chair frame reflects something neat and “masculine” but still aesthetic. The four legs with curved stretcher ensure a stable chair. The seat has a firm lattice surface. The garden chair has curved back with parallel rods and a decorative pattern. It can be said that the back is the highlight of the chair.

Triquimex is a leading manufacturer of wrought iron patio furniture in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the industry, we can ensure the quality of this wrought iron chair. At Triquimex, the wrought iron garden chair is powder coated for beauty and anti-rust. Therefore, you can place the chair outdoors for years.

The chair is stackable. You can stack several ones to save space when needed. You can place the chair on the balcony to enjoy the nature. Or you can combine it with a mosaic bistro table to have a nice place to enjoy morning coffee. The chair with its nice look and durability will delight you.