GH-013 Wrought Iron Garden Bistro Chair

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GH-013 Wrought Iron Garden Bistro Chair

Triquimex is the supplier of metal outdoor furniture. One of our products is the wrought iron garden bistro chair, numbered GH-013.

• Sheet iron seat

• Hairpin legs

• Powder coating

The chair is 45/95 cm high and 39 cm wide. The seat is made from sheet iron, shiny and smooth. The back and the legs give it a decorative look. The scroll patterns on the back and the hairpin leg style bring it an aesthetic look.

The hairpin legs seem delicate, but they are strong to make a stable wrought iron garden bistro chair. The back will give you comfort when you lean backwards. Although the chair is for outdoor use, you can place it indoors if you want. Under the legs are foot caps to protect the floor from scratching.

This is a stacking chair. It means you can stack several together. As a result, you can save great volume of space for storage or transport. The feature is meaningful if you use it as an occasional chair.

In our factory of garden furniture in Vietnam, we strictly control the manufacturing process to ensure high quality tables and chairs. For iron chairs, besides choosing quality raw iron, we apply powder coating to the iron chair frames. The treatment helps our iron outdoor chairs withstand the elements. And this wrought iron garden bistro chair is no exception. Therefore, you do not have to worry about its durability.

This powder coated metal chair can go with a mosaic table. Choose a nice one for it. And your garden will have an inviting seating area. Although the sheet metal seat is comfy, you can add cushion to the chair to make it more comfortable and attractive.

Triquimex export wrought iron garden furniture worldwide. So, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in the wrought iron garden bistro chair.