GH-027 Wrought Iron French Style Bistro Chair

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GH-027 Wrought Iron French Style Bistro Chair

A wrought iron chair with scrollwork is elegant. Triquimex’s wrought iron French style bistro chair, numbered GH-027, is an example.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

French style iron furniture often comes with curving and embellishments like scrollwork. It a little bit intricate in design but has a beautiful look.

The chair has a charming look with scrollwork. The scrolled armrests make the chair nice and well support your arms. The highlight of the chair is the decorative back with scroll patterns in the shape of a swan couple. The scrollwork gives the chair a romantic look. The lattice seat is firm and comfortable. The four legs are aesthetically curved and decorated, enhancing the whole look of this wrought iron French style bistro chair.

The chair is design for outdoor use. And Triquimex, with many years of experience in outdoor furniture industry, can ensure you the quality of our product. We not only choose good quality raw iron but apply advanced technologies to our furniture to protect them from the elements.

We can galvanize and the iron chair for anti-scratching. However, because of its cost, the treatment is only done on request. Also, we give the chair a nice powder coated finish to make it nice and rust resistant. Therefore, you can place this wrought iron French style bistro chair in your garden for years to come.

The chair is heavy because its structure is made of solid iron. However, if you just have two or three chairs, you can stack them together. Although the number of chairs to stack together is not as large as other chairs like Tolix chairs, you also partly save storage space.

This wrought iron French style bistro chair has been chosen to furnish the outdoor space of many hotels and restaurants in Vietnam. The chair is 45/95 cm high and 42 cm wide. The round seat is 40 cm in diameter. Combine it with a cushion for more comfort.