GH-034 Wrought Iron Chair with Hairpin Legs

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GH-034 Wrought Iron Chair with Hairpin Legs

Triquimex’s wrought iron chair with hairpin legs, numbered GH-034, will add an interesting look to your décor setting.

• Iron frame

• Sheet iron seat

• Powder coating

The chair features a decorative back. The iron wire patterns look special as if pieces of string are tied or weaved together. The armrests and the back are seamless. The sheet iron seat add elegance to the chair and give you comfortable seating. With the design, the chair looks like a little throne.

Another feature that makes the chair special is its hairpin legs. The legs with beautifully curves and ring stretcher make a stylish chair. However, the chair legs still ensure the chair strong support. The foot caps make the chair more stable and protect the floor from scratching.

This wrought iron chair with hairpin legs can be placed indoors or outdoors. When you place it outside, you will have a nice and durable chair. After the chair shape is formed, we treat it with galvanizing and powder coating. The treatments will protect the chair from rust. Please note that galvanizing is the optional treatment and the finish color is optional.

This heavy-duty chair requires low maintenance. Whether you put it in a room, on the balcony, or in the garden, you do not have to pay too much attention to care the chair. When you place it outdoors, after the rain, just use a cloth to make it dry.

When manufacturing any chairs, we calculate their dimensions in order that when people sit on our chairs, they feel relaxed and comfortable. The wrought iron chair with hairpin legs is 45/100 cm wide and 48 cm wide. The seat is 45 cm wide. The dimensions will give your body a comfortable position when sitting on the chair.