TR-025 Wrought Iron Bistro Table with Round Mosaic Table Top

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TR-025 Wrought Iron Bistro Table with Round Mosaic Table Top

Triquimex’s wrought iron bistro table, numbered TR-025, is from our collection of terracotta mosaic tables.

• Handcrafted terracotta mosaic table top

• Waterproofing, powder coating

• Knock-down system

The round mosaic table top is nice with ring patterns. Round pieces of terracotta tiles makes the top so colorful, like a field of flowers. Terracotta with its rustic beauty will turn your outdoor area into an attractive place.

A wrought iron base is the perfect addition, making a nice bistro table. The round table top is 70 cm to 80 cm in diameter, so it goes well with wrought iron base. The base has lovely curves. It is neat in design. The elegance of terracotta along with wrought iron creates stunning furniture. The base with curved legs will not only make the table decorative but give more legroom.

In addition, iron itself is strong. Therefore, a wrought iron base will ensure a firm support to the terracotta mosaic top. The foot caps under table legs make the table more stable on the ground.

This is a durable outdoor table. At Triquimex, we apply powder coating to the metal base to protect it from rust. We also waterproof the round mosaic table top to help it withstand the elements. Therefore, you can place this wrought iron bistro table outside for years.

Another considerable feature of this bistro table is its knock-down system. Thanks to the system, you can dismantle the top and the base into pieces and vice versa. The table will look great if you combine it with two or three wrought iron bistro chairs.

This wrought iron table is 75 cm high. The top diameter is 70 cm or 80 cm. However, this wrought iron bistro table with round mosaic table top can be made-to-order.