Wrought Iron Armchair Accompanied Cushion

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GH-061 Wrought Iron Armchair Accompanied Cushion

The wrought iron armchair accompanied cushion, numbered GH-061, is provided by  Triquimex, an outdoor furniture manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam. This armchair brings modernity and elegance for exhibition space.

Base on the style of decoration in your space, there are many kind of coffee tables and chairs for you to choose. If your space is a modern and active area, Triquimex’s wrought iron armchair accompanied cushion is a suitable option for your need. This is a new kind of armchair on the furniture market. It creates an artistic and modern space for your coffee shop.

The seat of the wrought iron armchair GH-061 is 55 cm wide. Its thickness and tilt go follow the iron frame. This product is made of iron frame. The frame is treated by powder coating technology for antirust and long lifespan. Under the legs of this armchair are rubber buttons to prevent the floor from scratching. The cushion added to the seat is made of soft canvas. This feature makes you feel comfort whenever you sit on. The cushion in cyan brings youthfulness and dynamism for the wrought iron armchair. However, we can also customize the other color according to customer’s will.

With dynamic and youthful style, the wrought iron armchair accompanied cushion GH-061 is suitable for spaces such as coffee shop, modern restaurant, or living space in family. To hence the luxury of your space, you can place this armchair together with Triquimex’s mosaic tables. This combination is not only bring your space the luxury, but also classic.

At our garden furniture factory, we set quality as our first priority. We get high concern in choosing good raw materials. Our craftsmen are always meticulous in all stage of production process. Therefore, we always deliver to you product with high quality.