BQ-005 Wrought Iron and Mosaic BBQ Table with Charcoal Grill

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BQ-005 Wrought Iron and Mosaic BBQ Table with Charcoal Grill

The BBQ table with charcoal grill, numbered BQ-005, is from Triquimex’s collection of wrought iron and mosaic BBQ tables. It is eye-catching and functional.

• Central charcoal grill

• Beautiful handmade mosaic table top

• Powder coated wrought iron base

If you love mosaic art, you may love the table top. As a manufacturer of mosaic furniture, we Triquimex apply mosaic art to the design of this BBQ table with charcoal grill. The mosaic patterns on the round table top can be made to order to fit your taste. The tiles to install can be ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles, etc. coming with various shape and size. Whether the mosaic patterns are, the mosaic tiles are always carefully chosen and then installed to form the desired design.

The table features a wrought iron base. Although the four legs are curved and look quite delicate, they are strong to support the weight of the mosaic table top and the charcoal cooking system. The knock down system allows you to dismantle the top and the base into two separate parts for easier transport.

In the center of the table is a removable charcoal cooker system. You can easily remove it when you want to add more charcoal or make it clean. The cooker is surrounded by an iron sheet to protect customers from sparks produced from burning charcoal.

You can place this BBQ table with charcoal grill in your garden or patio without worry about its durability. The powder coated finish will protect the iron base against rust or corrosion, while the waterproofed mosaic top can withstand the elements when you holding BBQ parties outdoors.

This BBQ table with charcoal grill is 75 cm in height and 110 cm in diameter or can be manufactured according to custom specifications.