GH-014 Wrought Iron Al Fresco Dining Chair with Arms

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GH-014 Wrought Iron Al Fresco Dining Chair with Arms

Triquimex’s wrought iron al fresco dining chair with arms, numbered GH-014, will impress you with its neatness and simplicity.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

The chair is made of wrought iron. Wrought iron patterns make a beautiful chair. The strength of iron adds stability to the chair construction.

This wrought iron al fresco dining chair features a nice back with parallel slats and a decorative iron ring. The chair looks nice with the back. The back is slightly curved to make your back relaxed when you lean backwards. The lattice seat ensures you a firm seat. The four legs are thin but still ensure the chair strong support. They are strengthened by an X-stretcher.

Our outdoor furniture factory in Vietnam is equipped with innovative machines. It is the place we make nice and quality tables and chairs which meet your requirements. In the factory, we have the area to galvanize and powder coat our iron chairs.

And as a product of Triquimex, this wrought iron al fresco dining chair is powder coated for beauty and anti-rust. In addtion, if you want to galvanize the chair for more durability, feel free to tell us. Therefore, you can place the chair outside for years together with a nice al fresco dining table.

This is a stacking chair, so you can neatly arrange them in a corner of your warehouse when not in use. The feature is also a plus because it helps you save space for transport or storage.

This wrought iron al fresco dining chair is 45/102 cm high and 50 cm wide. The size will give you comfy sitting position. Also, a soft cushion will add color to the chair and make you more comfortable. If you are interested in the chair and want to get a quote for it, please contact Triquimex.