VU-005 Square Moroccan Mosaic Patio Table

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VU-005 Square Moroccan Mosaic Patio Table Made in Vietnam

Triquimex’s square Moroccan mosaic patio table, numbered VU-005, will be a great addition to you outdoor dining area.

• Handcrafted terracotta mosaic table top

• Waterproofing, powder coating

• Knock-down system

Terracotta tiles can come in various nice colors. Whatever the color they are, terracotta tiles have rustic beauty. The tiles are the wonderful material to make mosaic furniture.

Inspired from Moroccan mosaic art, the table top is tiled with brown terracotta tiles. It is embellished with yellow ceramic tiles. Brown and yellow blend well together. making a simple but attractive mosaic top. All tiles are arranged with hands, so the mosaic patterns are unique.

The square dining table features a wrought iron table base. The base style can be optional. Wrought iron is strong and malleable. The material will ensure you a nice and stable table.

At Triquimex, we waterproof the mosaic top for weather resistance. We powder coat the wrought iron table base for anti-rust. The treatments will ensure you an all-weather outdoor table. It is nice and durable.

The square Moroccan mosaic patio table is 75 cm high. The top side length is 90 cm. Place this table in the garden or on the patio with 4 wrought iron chairs. You will have a nice outdoor dining set to enjoy wonderful outdoor dinners with your family.

The mosaic top and the wrought iron base are separate parts. They are joined together by screws. You can dismantle it into pieces for convenient transport.

This mosaic furniture is for export. We choose high quality tiles and iron to make our outdoor tables. We apply necessary treatments to it so that it can withstand the elements. Triquimex manufacture and export outdoor furniture. We can customize this square Moroccan mosaic patio table to meet your demand. We can also meet your packing requirements.