Round Mosaic Table, numbered TR-036

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Round Mosaic Table  TR-036 Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer in Vietnam

Round mosaic table, numbered TR-036, features a nice mosaic top. It is tiled with ceramic tiles. The dark blue and white make it a nice top. The geometric patterns are simple but harmonious in color combination. The table is made from our outdoor furniture factory.

The round mosaic top is 70 cm in diameter. It is well supported by a nice wrought iron base. The base is 75 cm high. Its beautifully curved legs give it a delicate look. It enhances the appearance of the mosaic top. It shows a perfect combination between wrought iron and mosaic art. With this dimensions, the table will be a very nice bistro table.

This is a product of Triquimex, a mosaic outdoor furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We are confident with the quality of our mosaic tables. We waterproof the mosaic top for weather resistance and powder coat the wrought iron base for anti-rust. Therefore, you can place the table outside for years to come.

And because we are a mosaic outdoor furniture manufacturer in Vietnam, we can customize the table. We can make the top in larger diameter or choose another style of table base for the table while we still keep its beauty and stability.

Choosing Triquimex as your garden furniture supplier, you do not need to worry about quality of products. We set quality as our first priority to give our customer the absolute satisfaction. Due to the powder coating treatment, all of our products can stand out all the elements from the outside. Moreover, selecting the good raw materials is the first step in our production process. Therefore, the durability and lifespan of outdoor furniture products are now a worry no longer.