TR-011 Round Mosaic Outdoor Table

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TR-011 Round Mosaic Outdoor Table with Optional Dimensions

Triquimex’s round mosaic outdoor table with optional dimensions, numbered TR-011, will create a stunning outdoor nook for your garden or patio.

• Handcrafted ceramic mosaic table top

• Knock-down system

• Waterproofing, powder coating

Triquimex choose quality mosaic tiles and arrange them with attention to details to make mosaic patterns. The top looks quite attractive. The floral pattern is at the center of the table. The black and white ring patterns look harmonious in color. The top is really a work of mosaic art. It makes an elegant table. The top is waterproofed for weather resistance and beauty.

The round top diameter can vary from 60 cm to 120 cm or more. Depend on the top diameter, this round mosaic outdoor table can function as a bistro table or a dining table.

The mosaic top goes well with a wrought iron table base. Usually, this round mosaic outdoor table is 75 cm high. The style of the base will depend on the diameter of the top and your taste. However, the top and the base can be separated into two pieces. The knock-down system allow you to easily assemble or disassemble the table when necessary. Separate top and base also give convenience for transport.

This is outdoor furniture, so it must has good quality to withstand the elements. We waterproof the mosaic top for weather resistance. We also powder coat all iron details for anti-rust. Therefore, you can place this round mosaic table outdoors for years with confidence about its durability.

This is a handcrafted piece of furniture. So, there is no table top as exact as the others. If you order this round mosaic outdoor table in large quantity, you may recognize that. Each mosaic table top is unique although they seem have the same mosaic patterns. It will make your living space more stylish.