PK-022 Round Mosaic Flower Pot Stand Set

  • Triquimex-Round-Mosaic-Flower-Pot-Stand-Set

PK-022 Round Mosaic Flower Pot Stand Set

Display flowers or plants in style with Triquimex’s round mosaic flower pot stand set, numbered PK-022.

• Set of 3

• Nesting system

• Mosaic tops

• Iron frame

This set of three flower pot stands features nice mosaic tops. The tiles used can vary from terracotta tiles to ceramic tiles. They are carefully tiled on the tops to form geometric or ring patterns up to your taste. Whatever the mosaic patterns come in, the stand set is attractive and stylish.

The iron frame is nice with three straight legs. The ring patterns both strengthen the legs and decorative the stand. The foot caps protect the floor from scratching and make the stand more stable. In general, this round mosaic flower pot stand set is delicate and stable.

You can place the set indoors or outdoors. The three stands are 10 cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm respectively. Each weighs at least 2800 grams.

When you place one next to another, you can display potted flowers or planters in different levels. That will make your corner or your porch more inviting. The nesting system of the set will help you save space when you have no need to use all three pieces. Simply, just put the smaller under the bigger.

And because the three flower pot stands of the set are independent, you can use each of them as a separate plant stand. You can put one in the living room, one on the balcony, and one on the patio. The stand is also convenient if you use it as a side table.

This round mosaic flower pot stand set is durable. We waterproof the mosaic tops for weather resistance. We give the iron frame a nice powder coated finish to make it attractive and rust resistant. And please note that the finish color can be customized to match your desired mosaic patterns on the tops.