TR-018 Round Mosaic Bistro Table with Wrought Iron Base

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  • Round-Mosaic-Bistro-Table-with-Wrought-Iron-Base (2)
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TR-018 Round Mosaic Bistro Table with Wrought Iron Base

The round mosaic bistro table with wrought iron base, numbered TR-018, is from Triquimex's collection of round outdoor tables.

• Handcrafted mosaic table top

• Waterproofing, powder coating

• Knock-down system

The table top is constructed of terracotta tiles and blue glazed ceramic tiles. Terracotta tiles with its natural beauty bring a rustic look to the top. The blue ring pattern well complements the top. The top is waterproofed for weather resistance.

This lovely terracotta mosaic top goes well with a wrought iron base. Triquimex’s wrought iron base can come in various styles. There are many base styles for you to choose from. Our wrought iron table bases for this mosaic bistro are neat in design and strong in structure. In addition, we powder coat the base to protect it from rust.

This bistro table is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. You can place it in a room with many windows or on your porch. However, this round mosaic bistro table with wrought iron base will much showcase its charm when placed outdoors. Place it in your garden, on the patio, on the balcony, or on the deck. It will enhance the beauty of your outdoor setting.

This round mosaic bistro table measures 75 cm height and 70 cm diameter. It can comfortably seat 2-3 people. Therefore, combine it with two or three wrought iron bistro chairs to get a perfect bistro set. The set will give you a great nook to enjoy your morning coffee.

Triquimex’s round mosaic bistro table with wrought iron base is made with hands. It will delight lovers of beautiful and unique mosaic works. And please note that we can manufacture made-to-order mosaic bistro table to fit your demand. If you have your own ideas for the mosaic patterns or want to change the dimensions, feel free to tell us.