TR-026 Round Moroccan Mosaic Outdoor Dining Table

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TR-026 Round Moroccan Mosaic Outdoor Dining Table

The round Moroccan mosaic outdoor dining table, numbered TR-026, is from the collection of Triquimex’s outdoor dining tables.

• Artistic mosaic table top

• Powder coated wrought iron base

• Low maintenance

The table top is tiled with mosaic tiles. Like mosaic tables made in Morocco, the table top is eye-pleasing and colorful. The tiles are well arranged to form a nice picture of three dolphins. The mosaic patterns are protected with waterproofing. Therefore, when you place the table outside, the top can still keep its appearance and withstand the elements.

This round mosaic outdoor dining table is 75 cm high. The top diameter is available in 110 cm or 120 cm. It can accommodate 4-5 people and give them cozy dinners.

The wrought iron base can come in various styles to fit your taste. The knock-down system allows you to disassemble the table and the base into separate pieces to get convenience for transport or shipping.

In addition to waterproofing the top, we powder coat the iron base to make it rust resistant and more beautiful. Therefore, this is Morocco-inspired table will be a heavy-duty piece of furniture with many years of service.

This round Moroccan mosaic outdoor dining table also requires low maintenance. You just need to check it once a year to timely find out possible rust and then re-coat it. For daily use, if the table top gets stains, you can easily remove them by wipe the top with damp cloth.

Triquimex is a Vietnamese manufacturer of outdoor tables, so we know how to make a quality mosaic table. All our products, including this round Moroccan mosaic outdoor dining table, are made with hands and with great care and attention to details. Moreover, we always choose good quality mosaic tiles and iron to ensure the quality of the furniture made by Triquimex.