TR-033 Round Iron and Mosaic Bistro Table

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TR-033 Round Iron and Mosaic Bistro Table

Triquimex’s round iron and mosaic bistro table, numbered TR-033, is from the collection of mosaic outdoor bistro tables.

• Handmade mosaic table top

• Powder coated wrought iron base

• Low maintenance

This round bistro table features a mosaic top. Mosaic patterns are arranged according to the ideas of making a picture of universe with sun and stars. Small glazed ceramic tiles are tiled to get the desired picture. The mosaic top looks nice and eye-catching.

The top can go well with several styles of wrought iron bases according to the customers’ demand. The base can come with or without knock-down system for convenience. However, whatever it is, the top and the base are two separate parts and you can easily dismantle them into two separate pieces for easy transport or storage.

The beauty of the top and the stylishness of the wrought iron base make this round iron and mosaic table an ideal item for garden, patio or balcony.

When you leave the table outside, weather conditions may not affect its durability. Triquimex specializes in outdoor furniture, so we know which methods is good to keep our outdoor tables and chairs last long.

We waterproof the mosaic top for weather resistance. We also powder coat the wrought iron base to give it a nice finish hard to get rusty. Therefore, this round iron and mosaic bistro table can withstand the elements and give you years of service.

Because the table is waterproofed and powder coated, it requires low maintenance. Also, glazed ceramic tiles are easily wiped with a damp cloth to remove stain.

The round iron and mosaic bistro table is 75 cm high. The top can be 60, 70, or 80 cm in diameter, up to your preference. Depending on the top's diameter, you can combine the table with two or more wrought iron chairs to get a nice outdoor bistro table.