PK-026 Round Concrete Patio Umbrella Base

  • Triquimex-Round-Concrete-Patio-Umbrella-Base

PK-026 Round Concrete Patio Umbrella Base

Triquimex’s round concrete patio umbrella base, numbered PK-026, will secure your outdoor umbrella.

• Concrete core

• Mosaic surface

• Waterproofing and powder coating

Besides cast iron or plastic, concrete is the popular material to make umbrella base. Concrete umbrella base is heavy enough to keep your outdoor umbrella stable on the ground. It also looks nice because the surface is usually covered with tiles.

If you love mosaic art, you may love this round concrete patio umbrella base. This garden accessory features a mosaic surface. It is tiled with ceramic tiles in cream and dark pink. The color combination makes an eye-catching umbrella base.

Triquimex specialize in outdoor furniture and garden accessories. We mainly work with mosaic tiles and wrought iron. The two types of materials will give you wonderful items. For this umbrella base, at the center of the mosaic surface is the iron stem. It features two tightening knobs to hold the umbrella pole. The heavy weight and a good stem will keep your outdoor umbrella up right and withstand strong winds.

Designed for outdoor use, this round concrete patio umbrella base is fully protected to hold up the elements. The mosaic surface is waterproofed for weather resistance. The iron stem is powder coated for anti-rust. The treatments ensure you a nice umbrella base with many years of outdoor use.

The umbrella base is 10 cm in height and 40 cm in diameter. It weighs at least 40 kilograms. And please note that the product specifications can be changed to well secure your outdoor umbrella. Moreover, if you love the ring mosaic patterns come in another color, feel free to tell us.

Create a shady area with this round concrete patio umbrella base. Put a bistro set under the shade. Have interesting chats with a family member of yours or just sit alone and enjoy the fresh air.