BQ-006 Round BBQ Table with Charcoal Burner

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BQ-006 Round BBQ Table with Charcoal Burner

The round BBQ table with charcoal burner, numbered BQ-006, is a beautiful crafted BBQ table of Triquimex- a manufacturer of mosaic furniture in Vietnam. The item is made of wrought iron and mosaic.

• Handmade ceramic mosaic table top

• The charcoal burner at the center of the BBQ table

• Seating for 4-5 people

This round BBQ table is nice in appearance. The round mosaic top is a work of mosaic art. We choose white ceramic tiles to make the background. The string patterns made of dark blue ceramic tiles make a highlight for the top. White and dark blue is a good combination of colors, bringing a harmonious design for the top.

The table features a wrought iron base. It is neat in design with for curved legs and a box stretcher. The knock-down system allows you to disassemble parts of this BBQ table for easy transport.

At the center of the table is the charcoal grill. The grill is well designed to give neatness for the table’s look and convenience for people sitting around this round BBQ table with charcoal burner. Simple in design, the charcoal burner still ensure you delicious grilled food.

Because holding BBQ parties is a kind of outdoor activities, so we applying powder coating to the iron base to protect it against rust and waterproofing to the mosaic top to keep its beauty and protect it from effects of weather conditions. Therefore, you can place this BBQ table outdoors with confidence about its durability.

The BBQ table is 75 cm high. The round top is 110 cm in diameter. The table can seat 4-5 people.

Imagine how merry your BBQ parties will be if you have this round BBQ table with charcoal burner in your garden. You and the participants will have interesting chats while still enjoying delicious food grilled over charcoal.