PK-001 Rectangular Wrought Iron Folding Shelf

  • Triquimex-Rectangular-Wrought-Iron-Folding-Shelf

PK-001 Rectangular Wrought Iron Folding Shelf

Triquimex’s rectangular wrought iron folding shelf, numbered PK-001, is great for storing any items you love.

• 5 tiers

• Iron frame

• Fold-out structure

• Powder coating

The shelf has 5 tiers. Each tier is in rectangular shape and is formed by iron wires. The iron frame is designed with four legs, making a stable shelf. The prominent feature of the shelf is the decorative scrollwork on the sides and the upper part of the back. The scroll patterns make the shelf delicate and stylish.

This rectangular wrought iron folding shelf is convenient for storage or transport. It can be folded flat when not in use. The shelf is 100 cm long, 40 cm deep, and 180 cm high. The dimensions and the structure of 5 tiers will give you a lot of space to display potted plants, books, magazines, and other collectibles.

As the manufacturer, Triquimex can ensure the quality of our product. We specialize in outdoor furniture. Therefore, you can use this wrought iron shelf to enhance your outdoor setting. It will be a good solution for arranging plants and flowers in style.

Do not worry about rust issue. Triquimex specializes in outdoor furniture. Many years of experience allow us to know which methods can prolong the beauty and the lifelong of our product. Made of metal, this rectangular wrought iron folding shelf is powder coated for beauty and anti-rust. So feel free to place the shelf outside.

Whether you place it in your living room, in the kitchen, or in the garden, the shelf will be a nice and useful addition. Triquimex supplied this folding shelf in Vietnam and worldwide. We can manufacture bespoke wrought iron shelves. Therefore, if you are interested in this rectangular wrought iron folding shelf, do not hesitate to contact us.