BQ-002 Rectangular Mosaic Dual BBQ Table with Gas Grills

  • Mosaic-Dual-BBQ-Table-with-Gas-Grills

BQ-002 Rectangular Mosaic Dual BBQ Table with Gas Grills

Triquimex’s mosaic dual BBQ table with gas grills, numbered BQ-002, is nice in design and is the result of the combination between ceramic mosaic art and wrought iron.

• Dual table with gas grills for more participants

• Handmade glazed ceramic mosaic top

• Casters for convenient moving

This BBQ table is suitable for both home and business use. It is 75 cm high. The rectangular ceramic mosaic table top is 180*90 cm. When owning such BBQ table, you will get many advantages.

The table features two gas burners for grilling, so there can be more people sitting around this mosaic BBQ table to enjoy grilled food together. The stove top grills using gas fuel will give you delicious grilled food and produce less smoke than ones using charcoal. Gas will give intense heat to help you continuously grill food.

The convenience of this mosaic dual BBQ table with gas grills does not only come from the stove top grill. The grilling system cannot be completed if it has no gas bottles. The position of the gas bottle is under the table. We design an iron “covering” to surround the gas bottles. In addition, under the table legs are casters for easy moving.

Triquimex specializes in manufacturing mosaic and iron furniture in Vietnam, so this BBQ table also features a nice mosaic top. The top is tiled with glazed ceramic tiles whose colors are black-and-red combination. The color is stylish and gives the table a “clean” look if unfortunately there is food stain on the table. Of course, if you like another mosaic patterns, we can customize it for you.

The base structure of this mosaic dual BBQ table with gas grills is made of box iron. The base is powder coated for anti-rust. The mosaic table top is also waterproofed for weather resistance. Therefore, if you place it outdoors, the table can withstand the elements for years.