GH-011 Powder Coated Wrought Iron Patio Chair

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GH-011 Powder Coated Wrought Iron Patio Chair

Triquimex is a manufacturer and exporter of outdoor furniture. We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Our outdoor furniture includes the powder coated wrought iron patio chair, numbered GH-011.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

The chair is strong and decorative. Its two front legs are slightly curved while the back legs are straight. The legs are strengthened by an X-stretcher. The structure makes a strong chair and well supports your weight. The lattice seat gives you a firm support. The back is decorative with scrollwork. The scroll patterns bring the chair a soft and elegant look.

The chair is for outdoor use. But you can place it indoors if you want. You can place the chair on the patio, in the garden, or in your dining room. When placing the chair outside, you will not have to worry about the effect weather conditions can have on the chair. Triquimex specialize in wrought iron outdoor furniture. We approach innovative protection treatments to fully protect our furniture from the elements.

At Triquimex, the chair is powder coated for beauty and anti-rust. Therefore, you can place this powder coated wrought iron patio chair outdoors for years to come. If you use is as an outdoor dining chair, it is perfect to combine it with a mosaic outdoor dining table. Your outdoor dining area will look great.

The chair is 45/100 cm high and 42 cm wide. You may love to add a cushion to the seat for comfort. And as a supplier of outdoor furniture, Triquimex can provide you with removable cushions, if required.

This is a stacking chair. If you buy the powder coated wrought iron patio chair in large quantity, the feature will be a plus. When stacking 4-5 chairs together, you may save much space for storage and/or transport.