GH-007 Powder Coated Wrought Iron Chair

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GH-007 Powder Coated Wrought Iron Chair

The powder coated wrought iron chair, numbered GH-007, is made by Triquimex, a Vietnamese manufacturer of outdoor furniture.

• Slatted seat

• Powder coating

• Indoor and outdoor use

The chair is made from quality iron. It is for indoor and outdoor use. And at Triquimex, we apply powder coating to all metal details. The treatments protect the chair from the elements. Therefore, you can place the chairs on the patio or on the balcony for years with confidence about its durability.

The powder coated wrought iron chair is 45/95 cm high and 39 cm wide. The seat is constructed of iron slats. The back is decorative with scroll patterns. The four legs are strengthened by curved stretchers. The scrollwork and the curves give the chair a delicate look.

However, do not worry about its stability. The strength of iron and the structure of four legs will well bear your weight. Also, the scrollwork is both for decorating and supporting your back. Therefore, when sitting on the table, you will feel comfortable.

The wrought iron chair goes well with a mosaic table. Add a cushion on the seat for more comfort. Moreover, the cushion color will make the décor setting more attractive. Whether you put it indoors or outdoors, you will have a decorative and functional piece of furniture.

Triquimex specialize in wrought iron and mosaic furniture. And wrought iron chairs are our core furniture for export. We gain trust from our clients and customers because of our product quality. Like our other chairs, the powder coated wrought iron chair is put under strict quality control during the manufacturing process.

We commit to provide you with heavy-duty and all-weather furniture. Therefore, if you are seeking an exporter of wrought iron furniture, feel free to contact Triquimex.