PK-030 Patio Umbrella Base from Vietnam Mosaic Furniture Supplier

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PK-030 Patio Umbrella Base from Vietnam Mosaic Furniture Supplier

Provide a solid base for your outdoor umbrella with Triquimex’s round patio umbrella base, numbered PK-030.

• Concrete core

• Mosaic surface

• Powder coated iron stem

A nice and functional outdoor umbrella requires a nice and stable umbrella base. The base not only keeps the umbrella in place but also improves the appearance of the umbrella.

Triquimex is a Vietnam mosaic furniture supplier. We have a wide range of umbrella bases for you to choose from. We specialize in wrought iron and mosaic patio furniture. Therefore, most our umbrella bases features nice mosaic surfaces. The mosaic patterns can come in various styles to match your taste.

The patio umbrella base is catchy with mosaic surface. Red “flowers” stand out on the white background. The mosaic patterns are eye-pleasing. Also, glazed ceramic tiles bring the surface a shiny and elegant look.

The base is filled with concrete. It features an iron stem with two tightening knobs to position the umbrella pole. Therefore, with this mosaic umbrella base, your outdoor umbrella is hard to fall down in strong winds.

As a Vietnam mosaic furniture supplier, Triquimex commit to provide you with durable garden umbrella bases. We waterproof the mosaic surface for weather resistance. We powder coat all metal details for rust resistance. Therefore, you can place this patio umbrella base outdoors for years.

This concrete and mosaic umbrella base is 40 cm in diameter. It is 10 cm high. It weighs 40 kilograms or more. We can add wheels to the umbrella base for convenient mobility. Also, tell us the size of your outdoor umbrella. If we know the size, we will know which dimensions are good for the umbrella.

Besides mosaic umbrella bases, Triquimex manufacture mosaic tables and chairs. Therefore, if you are seeking a Vietnam mosaic furniture supplier, feel free to contact us.