GH-019 Patio Chair from Vietnam Wrought Iron Furniture Supplier

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GH-019 Patio Chair from Vietnam Wrought Iron Furniture Supplier

The patio chair, numbered GH-019, is manufactured and supplied by Triquimex, a Vietnam wrought iron furniture supplier.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

The chair is elegant in design. The back is decorative with scroll patterns and parallel slats. The chair legs are beautifully curved. The curved X-stretcher is for both decorating and strengthening the legs. The seat features lattice surface, making firm seating. As a whole, the wrought iron chair is an aesthetic piece of furniture.

Unlike other players, Triquimex is a Vietnam wrought iron furniture supplier and manufacturer. It means you can order the outdoor furniture direct from the manufacturer. And because we supply what we make, we can ensure you the product quality.

This wrought iron patio chair is made from fine material and well treated to hold up most weather conditions. At Triquimex, we powder coat all metal details of the chair for beauty and anti-rust. Therefore, the item can be placed outdoors for years.

The chair is 45/102 cm high and 50 cm wide. Its delicate look will add style to your patio or garden. A soft cushion is also good option to make the chair nicer and more comfortable. And please note that when you buy our wrought iron patio chair, the cushion can be included, if required.

The chair not only beautifies your outdoor setting but also save space. It has no armrests, it make the space seem larger. Besides, if one day you want to transport or store your chairs, just stack them together.

Vietnam has an advantage in shipping overseas. And as a Vietnam wrought iron furniture supplier, Triquimex successfully get into the market of outdoor furniture for export. Therefore, if you are an importer interested in metal furniture in Vietnam, feel free to contact us.