OV-015 Oval Wrought Iron and Glass Dining Table

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OV-015 Oval Wrought Iron and Glass Dining Table

Looking for a dining table? Take a look at Triquimex’s oval wrought iron and glass dining table, numbered OV-015.

• Tempered glass top for stylishness and safety

• Powder coated wrought iron base for durability

• Seating for 6-8 people

This oval dining table has dimensions of 180*90*75 cm or can be made to order. With the standard dimensions, 6-8 people can sit around this table and have meals together.

An oval dining table is the solution in between a round dining table and a rectangular one. It seats a similar number of people to a rectangular table but has no sharp edges like a round table. We Triquimex choose quality materials to make this oval wrought iron and glass dining table.

The oval table top is made of quality tempered glass. With tempered glass table top, the table will be not only more beautiful but safe. The transparency of glass makes the table more stylish. The room where it is placed also seems larger and brighter. Moreover, if unfortunately the top is broken, the shards will hardly injure people because pieces of broken tempered glass are granular.

The wrought iron frame is elaborate in design. Wrought iron scrollwork gives it a delicate and classic look. However, the strength of iron makes it a safe and strong support to the glass top. When combined with the modern look of transparent glass, the base completes the look of this wrought iron and glass dining table.

Besides quality tempered glass, we also apply powder coating to the wrought iron table base to protect it against rust and keep its beauty. Therefore, you do not need to worry about its durability. Your dining room will look brighter and opener with this oval wrought iron and glass dining table.