OV-013 Oval Tile Top Outdoor Dining Table

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OV-013 Oval Tile Top Outdoor Dining Table with Wrought Iron Base

The oval tile top outdoor dining table, numbered OV-013, is from Triquimex's collection of oval mosaic outdoor tables.

• Waterproofed slate mosaic table top

• Powder coated wrought iron table base

• Knock-down system for easy transport or shipping

The dining table is 75 cm high. The oval mosaic top is 180*90 cm. However, the product can be manufactured according to customized specifications.

The table features a slate mosaic top. Small pieces of slate are carefully chosen and arranged to make the mosaic patterns. The patterns bring a natural and rustic look to the table, making an elegant oval tile top outdoor dining table. When left outside, it will blend well with the outdoor setting. We waterproof the slate mosaic top for weather resistance.

This tile top dining table is completed by a wrought iron table base. The base includes four curved legs and a stretcher. They are thin, making a delicate base. The strength of iron ensures you the base can well support the mosaic top.

While the top is waterproofed, the base is powder coated to resist rust. These protection treatments will ensure you a durable oval outdoor dining table.

This oval tile top outdoor dining table can be assembled or disassembled thanks to knock-down system. The system allows you to dismantle the top and parts of the base into separate pieces for convenient transport or shipping.

With the top dimensions of 180*90 cm, this outdoor table can seat 6-8 people. The table is suitable for gatherings in garden or patio. In addition, its two rounded table ends will help you avoid hitting edges that appear in square or rectangular dining table.

As an exporter of outdoor dining tables, Triquimex can manufacture and pack this oval tile top outdoor dining table in a convenient way for shipping to meet importers' requirements.