OV-009 Tile Top Al Fresco Dining Table

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OV-009 Oval Tile Top Al Fresco Dining Table with Knock-down System

Coming from Vietnam, Triquimex supply and export mosaic outdoor dining tables. One of them is the tile top al fresco dining table with knock-down system, number OV-009.

• White terracotta mosaic table top

• Neat iron frame with powder coated finish

• Knock-down system convenient for shipping

As furniture for export, this outdoor dining table is manufactured with high standards of workmanship and materials.

For the oval table top, we carefully choose quality mosaic tiles and then our skilled craftspeople arrange and make the tiles in position with their hands. The white terracotta tiles make the background. The border is tiled with black ceramic tiles to embellish the top. It is a nice and elegant outdoor table. The top is waterproofed to with stand the elements when you leave the table outside.

The mosaic table features a wrought iron frame with four curved legs and a rectangular stretcher. The base brings a nice and delicate look to the table. The strength of iron makes it strong enough to support the heavy mosaic top and stable enough to stand on the ground. Triquimex powder coat the iron frame. The powder coated finish will enhance the look of the frame and make it more durable for years.

The furniture is manufactured according to export standard. So we only choose good quality materials make it with care and attention to details. Also, we make it more convenient for transport with knock-down design.

You will have a very stunning outdoor seating area with this tile top al fresco dining table. We can manufacture this tile top al fresco dining table according to your own specifications. The mosaic patterns can also be redesigned to fit your taste. However, the recommended standard dimensions for this wrought iron outdoor table is 180*90*75 cm.