OV-001 Oval Terracotta Tile Top Patio Dining Table

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OV-001 Oval Terracotta Tile Top Patio Dining Table with Wrought Iron Base

Triquimex’s oval terracotta tile top patio dining table, numbered OV-001, is our mosaic furniture for export.

• Waterproofed terracotta mosaic table top

• Powder coated wrought iron base

• Knock-down system for easy transport

This oval tile top patio table is simple and elegant. Its mosaic top is nice. Its wrought iron base is neat.

The earthy tone of terracotta tiles make a rustic table top. Marble stones make the border patterns, going well with terracotta tiles. This outdoor table will showcase your style. It also adds warmth and beauty to your outdoor dining nook.

The wrought iron base is neat in design. It is also strong in structure. The four legs and the rectangular stretcher well support the heavy top. Foot caps under the legs  make the table more stable.

This oval terracotta tile top patio dining table is fully protected for outdoor use. At Triquimex, we apply protection treatments to keep the table beautiful and durable.

The mosaic table top is waterproofed to hold up weather conditions. The wrought iron table base is powder coated to resist rust.

Therefore, you can place this mosaic patio table in the garden or on the patio all year round. Sitting around this table, you will have wonderful outdoor dining meals.

This dining table features knock-down system. You can dismantle the table for easy transport.  And on the other hand, you can assemble its parts into a complete dining table.

The table is 75 cm high. The oval mosaic top is 180*90 cm. However, Triquimex can customize this tile top table to fit your specific demand.

Product quality is Triquimex's top priority. We always consider choosing good quality iron and mosaic tiles. So our oval terracotta tile top patio dining table can standt the test of time although it is placed outside for years.