OV-008 Oval Terracotta Mosaic Outdoor Dining Table

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OV-008 Oval Terracotta Mosaic Outdoor Dining Table

Triquimex’s oval terracotta mosaic outdoor dining table, numbered OV-008, will make any garden or patio elegant.

• Rustic look with terracotta mosaic table top

• Knock-down iron table base

• Waterproofing and anti-rust treatment

The terracotta mosaic top is attractive. The earthy tone bring something warm, rustic, and close-to-nature to the outdoor setting. Dark green tiles make a nice border, blending well with the terracotta tiles. This is an interesting combination of colors.

This oval terracotta mosaic outdoor dining table features knock-down system. The system allows you to dismantle parts of the table into separate pieces for easy transport or shipping.

The wrought iron base is neat in design. It has four curved legs and a box stretcher. Its delicate look gives the table a neat look. It does not take up too much space. With this design, there will be more legroom for people sitting around it.

The table is for outdoor use. You do not have to worry about its durability. This oval terracotta mosaic outdoor dining table is well treated to withstand the elements. We powder coat the iron base to keep it away from corrosion. We also waterproof the mosaic top to protect it from weather conditions.

The mosaic table is durable. It lasts for years of outdoor use. Combine it with 6-8 wrought iron patio chairs to have a stunning outdoor dining table set. The foot caps under the legs help the table more stable on the ground.

This oval dining table is 75 cm high. The oval top is 180*90 cm. However, Triquimex the manufacturer can customize it. So tell us your desired specifications if you have any.

You are interested in wrought iron and mosaic tables? Or you are sourcing outdoor furniture like this oval terracotta mosaic outdoor dining table? Please contact Triquimex.