OV-017 Oval Outdoor Table with Knock-down System

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OV-017 Oval Outdoor Table with Knock-down System

The oval outdoor table with knock-down system, numbered OV-017, is from Triquimex’s collection of oval mosaic tables.

• Waterproofed terracotta mosaic table top

• Powder coated wrought iron base

• Knock-down system

This mosaic table is designed for outdoor use. It is the combination between the beauty of wrought iron and mosaic art. It has length of 120 cm, width of 80 cm, and height of 75 cm.

This oval outdoor table with knock-down system features an elegant mosaic top. The oval top is tiled with terracotta tiles. The orange geometric patterns make an eye-pleasing and unique table top. Because the table is for outdoor use, we waterproof the top to protect it from the elements and keep its beauty.

The wrought iron frame is quite elaborate in design. The legs feature decorative scroll patterns. However, when looking the base, you will find it not soft but strong and "masculine". The frame is strengthened by a box stretcher. Together they well support the heavy mosaic top, making a stable outdoor table. We powder coat all metal details to keep them away from rust. So the table will be durable when left outside.

You can disassemble the table top and parts of the wrought iron base into pieces thanks to knock-down system. So it is not difficult for you to transport or store this oval mosaic table.

This oval outdoor table is decorative, functional, and convenient. It will give you comfort when sitting around it and make your garden, patio, or roof terrace more attractive.

Triquimex can manufacture this oval outdoor table with knock-down system according to your custom specifications. In addition, we export our outdoor furniture worldwide. Therefore, if you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us.