PK-016 Mirror Frame by Wrought Iron Furniture Manufacturer from Vietnam

  • Oval-Mirror-Frame-by-Wrought-Iron-Furniture-Manufacturer-from-Vietnam

PK-016 Oval Mirror Frame by Wrought Iron Furniture Manufacturer from Vietnam

You love the beauty of things made of wrought iron? You are looking for a wrought iron furniture manufacturer from Vietnam? Choose Triquimex and you will not be disappointed. The oval mirror frame, numbered PK-016, is one of our wrought iron home accessories.

• Oval wrought iron mirror frame

• Powder coating

A mirror is an indispensable accessory in your house. It not only helps you admire yourself every morning and night but also makes your room seem larger and brighter. You can place a mirror in your bathroom, your dining room, or your living room.

Your mirror can be with or without a frame. However, if you want to make a highlight for the room, a mirror with a nice frame will be the solution. Although wooden mirror frames are so popular, wrought iron mirror frames with its distinct look will make your interior décor more stylish.

Triquimex is a wrought iron furniture manufacturer from Vietnam. Besides tables and chairs, we manufacture and export wrought iron mirror frames. This mirror frame is designed for an oval mirror. It has a decorative look. The iron patterns on the frame are similar to a flower crown. How stunning they are! The frame both decorates and protects the oval mirror.

This oval wrought iron mirror frame is 70 cm high and 50 cm wide. Its aesthetic appearance shows the high level of craftsmanship of our skilled craftspeople. They made it with care and attention to details.

And as an experienced wrought iron furniture manufacturer from Vietnam, Triquimex understand your worry about rust issue when you choose a wrought iron mirror frame. Therefore, we powder coat all metal details of the frame to ensure its long lasting beauty.

Choose this wrought iron mirror frame for your oval mirror and it will delight you.