PK-015 Oval Metal Mirror Frame

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PK-015 Oval Metal Mirror Frame

Triquimex’s oval metal mirror frame, numbered PK-015, will make your oval mirror more attractive.

• Wrought iron frame

• Powder coating

Wrought iron is an interesting material. It is suitable for making not only outdoor furniture but home accessories also. One of its applications is making beautiful mirror frames.

This oval metal mirror frame is 70 cm high and 50 cm wide. Its design is simple but elegant. The frame is constructed or two patterns of scrollwork and iron rings. The black finish will make the frame stand out on the wall, especially the white wall. It looks like black lines drawn by a pencil on the wall. The frame with its delicate look will enhance the beauty of the mirror.

The mirror with this oval metal mirror frame will be functional and decorative. You can place the mirror in the bathroom or in the bedroom. It will make the room where it is placed more attractive, brighter, and larger. It will be an eye-pleasing home accessory.

Triquimex specialize in products made of wrought iron. We manufacture tables, chairs, gates, baker’s racks, plant stands, and so on. Mirror frames are part of them. Wrought iron details on the frame reflect high level of craftsmanship. If you love handcrafts, wrought iron mirror frames will win your heart.

We know that a mirror is not simply the thing for us to admire ourselves every day. It is also a decorative accessory. Therefore, it must be nice. To ensure the beauty of the mirror, the mirror frame must be nice, also. At Triquimex, we give our mirror frames a nice powder coated finish to protect it from rust.

Triquimex can manufacture this oval metal mirror frame according to the dimensions of your own oval mirror. Therefore, feel free to tell us your requirements for this product.