OV-016 Oval Glass Table with Wrought Iron Base

  • Oval-Glass-Table-with-Wrought-Iron-Base

OV-016 Oval Glass Table with Wrought Iron Base

Triquimex’s oval glass table with wrought iron base, numbered OV-016, is will bring you a stylish oval dining table.

• Tempered glass top for safe and beauty

• Powder coated wrought iron base

• Seating for 6-8 people

The table top is made of tempered glass. The transparency of the top makes the table modern and stylish and the room where it is placed brighter and larger. Tempered glass is advantageous in that it is hard to broken and if unfortunately broken, its broken pieces hardly injure people.

The oval glass table with wrought iron base can be placed the living room or the dining room. Its oval shape will help you avoid hitting shape edges unlike the one with rectangular or square shape.

This oval glass table features a wrought iron base. The base is elaborate in design with curved patterns. Its delicate and elaborate look goes well with the transparent glass top, giving it a modern look.

The table is not only for indoor use but for outdoor use. You can place the table in your garden or on your patio and combine it with 6-8 wrought iron outdoor chairs to have great outdoor seating area. Do not worry the table will get rusty when left outside because we powder coat the base for beauty and anti-rust. The possible problem is the glass may get stain easily.

This oval glass table with wrought iron base is 75 cm high. The oval glass top is 180*90 cm. The specifications can be custom made to fit your demand.

A tempered glass table top sit on the top of a wrought iron base will make a stunning piece of furniture. This oval glass table is decorative and functional. Also, it gives the owners safety because its rounded ends and tempered glass top cause less harm to people.