GH-051 Outdoor Wooden Bistro Armchair with Iron Frame

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GH-051 Outdoor Wooden Bistro Armchair with Iron Frame

Triquimex’s outdoor wooden bistro armchair with iron frame, numbered GH-051, reflects the good combination between wood and iron.

• Wooden back, seat, armrests

• Iron frame

• Anti-termite treatment, powder coating

The bistro chair is neat and modern in design. The iron frame is made from box iron. We install wooden slats to the frame to make its back, seat and armrests. The natural beauty of wood combined with the modern style of the iron chair frame will give you a bistro chair rustic but stylish.

This outdoor wooden bistro armchair with iron frame will enhance the setting of your café terrace, bistro, home balcony, garden, or deck. It is designed for outdoor use. Therefore, we apply protection treatments to it to keep its quality and long lasting beauty.

At Triquimex, we apply anti-termite treatment to the wooden slats so that the armchair cannot be damaged by termites. Also, we powder coat the iron chair frame to make it nice and hard to get rusty. These treatments fully protect the chair from the elements and termites.

This is a stacking chair, so it will save space for storage or transport. Combine it with a wooden bistro table to get a perfect bistro set. You may love to take a look at our iron and wood bistro tables. And please note that the finish color of all details of the chair is optional. Whether you love to keep the wood color or want to paint the item another color, Triquimex can satisfy your demand.

Although Triquimex specialize in iron and mosaic furniture, we know that iron can go well with many other materials. And the outdoor wooden bistro armchair with iron frame affirms our belief. We have supplied the chair to some coffee shops and resorts in Vietnam. And the buyers are satisfied with the appearance and the quality of the products.