TR-015 Outdoor Dining Table with Round Mosaic Table Top

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TR-015 Outdoor Dining Table with Round Mosaic Table Top

Triquimex’s outdoor dining table, numbered TR-015, is our model of outdoor tables for export.

• Handcrafted ceramic mosaic table top

• Knock-down system for convenient transport

• Waterproofing and powder coating for durability

The table features a nice round mosaic table top. The top is constructed of ceramic tiles and marble stones. White ceramic tiles make the background. Marble stones make the border. The design is quite simple but elegant. If you love mosaic art and simplicity, you may love its mosaic patterns.

At Triquimex, we make wrought iron bases to combine with mosaic table tops. The base style can be various. It can be a folding base or a knock-down one according to your choice. And this outdoor dining table is no exception. Its base style is optional. However, whatever the base style is, we always design it with appropriate spread to well support the round mosaic table top and keep the table stable.

The table features knock-down system, allowing you to dismantle the top and parts of the base into pieces for convenient transport or shipping.

Product quality is Triquimex’s top priority. Therefore, in addition to quality materials, we apply protection treatments to the table to fully protect it against the elements. We waterproof the round mosaic table top for weather resistance. We powder coat the wrought iron base for beauty and anti-rust. Therefore, when you place this outdoor dining table outside, the item will not only enhance your outdoor setting but give you many years of service.

This is a dining table, so the round top is 110 cm or 120 cm in diameter. However, the top diameter can be customized to fit your demand.  It is 75 cm high. This outdoor dining table is paired well with 4-5 wrought iron outdoor chairs.