PK-021 Nesting Plant Stand Set from Vietnam Garden Furniture Supplier

  • Nesting-Plant-Stand-Set-from-Vietnam-Garden-Furniture-Supplier

PK-021 Nesting Plant Stand Set from Vietnam Garden Furniture Supplier

Rustic and industrial, our nesting plant stand set, numbered PK-021, will add charm to any décor setting. It is distributed by Triquimex, a Vietnam garden furniture supplier.

• 3 nesting stands

• Waterproofed mosaic tops

• Powder coated iron frame

The set is available in a trio of plant stands. Each features a nice mosaic top. The mosaic patterns on the top are made by glazed ceramic tiles. The combination of light pink and white make elegant tops.

Each mosaic top is supported by an iron frame. The frame is modern in design with simple straight lines. The three plant stands come in the height of 10 cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm. And because each is slightly smaller than the other, the smaller can be put under the bigger. As a result, you can save space for storage when you have no need to use all three plant stands.

Triquimex is a Vietnam garden furniture supplier and manufacturer. We work with wrought iron and mosaic tiles. Besides tables and chairs, we make mosaic plant stands. You can use our nesting plant stand set for your interior and exterior décor.

This mosaic nesting plant stand set is durable. If you leave it outside, the set still ensure you years of use. At Triquimex, the mosaic tops are waterproofed for weather resistance. The powder coated finish give the iron frame a nice look and keep it rust resistant.

With the desire to become a leading Vietnam garden furniture supplier in the world market, Triquimex have continued to improve our product styles and quality. Currently (2015), we have over 300 products, including nesting plant stands for you to choose from. We also quickly approach new technologies to make all-weather garden furniture and accessories. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us.