PK-028 Mosaic Umbrella Base from Vietnam Patio Furniture Factory

  • Mosaic-Umbrella-Base-from-Vietnam-Patio-Furniture-Factory

PK-028 Mosaic Umbrella Base from Vietnam Patio Furniture Factory

Triquimex’s square mosaic umbrella base, numbered PK-028, may be the foundation you are searching for your lovely outdoor umbrella. It is made by Triquimex, a Vietnam patio furniture factory.

• Concrete core

• Waterproofed mosaic top

• Powder coated iron stem

This mosaic umbrella base is square in shape. It is filled with concrete. Its surface is tiled with ceramic tiles. The mosaic patterns are harmonious in colors. They bring the base a nice look. The concrete core and mosaic tiles make a heavy umbrella base which will keep your outdoor umbrella stable on the ground in strong winds.

At the center of the base is the iron stem to position the umbrella pole. The stem has two tightening knobs. Therefore, the stem can fit the pole easily, and your outdoor umbrella will be kept upright.

This square umbrella base will embellish your outdoor umbrella and partly make your exterior décor more attractive. And as a Vietnam patio furniture factory, Triquimex can protect this garden accessory against the elements.

We waterproof the mosaic top for weather resistance. We also powder coat all metal details for anti-corrosion. Therefore, when going with your outdoor umbrella, this umbrella base will be decorative and functional. It can hold the umbrella many years to come.

This concrete umbrella base is 10 cm high. It weighs at least 40 kilograms. The square surface is 40 cm in side length. And please note that the larger the outdoor umbrella is, the heavier and bigger the umbrella stand is. Therefore, the dimensions of this umbrella base can be changed so that the base can secure your umbrella well.

If you want moving the umbrella base to be easier, you can ask us to add wheels under the base for convenience. Triquimex is a Vietnam patio furniture factory, so we can customize this umbrella base to satisfy your demand.