PK-024 Plant Stand from Vietnam Metal Outdoor Furniture Factory

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PK-024 Mosaic Plant Stand from Vietnam Metal Outdoor Furniture Factory

The mosaic plant stand, numbered PK-024, with is iron frame will enhance the beauty of your garden. This garden accessory is made by Triquimex, a Vietnam metal outdoor furniture factory.

• Iron frame

• Mosaic Tops

• Waterproofing and powder coating

The combination between mosaic art and wrought iron can bring you stunning results. If you have a garden and want to arrange plants and flowers in style, a wrought iron and mosaic plant stand can be a considerable option.

Triquimex is a Vietnam metal outdoor furniture factory. We specialize in wrought iron and mosaic outdoor furniture. In addition to the core products of tables and chairs, we also make garden accessories such as umbrella bases, plant stands, baker’s racks, etc.

Wrought iron with its flexibility in making shapes will give you wonderful plant stand frames. This mosaic plant stand features a nice iron frame. The frame is delicate with scroll patterns similar to the leaves on a flower. The iron gives the plant stand strength. The two-base structure make a stable plant stand.

The plant stand has three tiers. Each tier has a round mosaic top. The mosaic patterns on the top are made by arranging glazed ceramic tiles. The ring patterns on the tops are optional. The beauty of mosaic work in combination with the delicate look of wrought iron details makes an aesthetic plant stand.

As a Vietnam metal outdoor furniture factory, Triquimex have appropriate facilities for making outdoor furniture in general and this plant stand in particular. The plant stand is for outdoor use. Therefore, it needs protecting with necessary protection treatments. At Triquimex, the mosaic top is waterproofed for weather resistance. The iron frame is powder coated for beauty and anti-rust.

The mosaic plant stand weighs at least 3000 grams. The tiers are 10 cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm high, respectively.