GH-001 Mosaic Outdoor Bistro Chair Made In Vietnam

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GH-001 Mosaic Outdoor Bistro Chair Made In Vietnam

Triquimex is a manufacturer of mosaic furniture in Vietnam. In addition to mosaic table tops, we make mosaic chairs. One of them is the mosaic bistro chair, numbered GH-001.

• Mosaic work on seat and back

• Iron frame

• Waterproofing, powder coating

We use terracotta tiles to make the mosaic surfaces for the back and the seat. The work is in round shape. Terracotta tiles are arranged in ring patterns. The focal points are tiled with ceramic tiles to form the shape of stars. The mosaic patterns make the chair attractive. The chair will beautify any outdoor setting.

The mosaic outdoor bistro chair features a wrought iron frame. The four legs are strengthened by a stretcher. The back is decorative with the mosaic work and iron ring details. The back has a nice shape, also. Looking the chair, you may love it.

The frame makes a strong chair. Under the legs are foot caps to make the chair more stable. When sitting on it, you may feel relaxed and comfortable.

Mosaic furniture is popular for outdoor use. Its color and attractive mosaic patterns not only embellish the garden setting but also delight people. Do not worry rainwater will get inside the tiles when it left outside. With many years of experience in outdoor furniture, Triquimex can ensure the quality of our mosaic outdoor bistro chair.

At Triquimex, we waterproof the mosaic work for weather resistance. We powder coat the iron frame for beauty and anti-rust. Therefore, you can place the chair outside for years.

The chair is 45/100 cm high and 42 cm wide. The round seat is 40 cm in diameter. The chair can be paired with a mosaic bistro table with matching mosaic patterns. Please note that the mosaic patterns on this mosaic outdoor bistro chair can be changed to meet your taste.