GH-042 Mosaic Garden Dining Chair with Iron Frame

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GH-042 Mosaic Garden Dining Chair with Iron Frame

The mosaic dining chair with iron frame, numbered GH-042, is made by Triquimex, a mosaic furniture manufacturer and supplier in Vietnam.

• Mosaic Seat

• Iron Frame

• Waterproofing, powder coating

The seat and the back are decorated with mosaic works. The mosaic patterns on the seat and the back are lovely with red ceramic tiles and marble stones.

The chair looks simple, neat, and strong. It is designed with straight lines. Parallel iron rods on the back are both for decorating and well supporting your back. The four legs are strengthened by stretchers, making a firm chair. The foot caps under the legs keep the chair more stable.

The mosaic garden dining chair with iron frame is great for outdoor use. Pair the chair with a mosaic garden dining table with matching mosaic patterns. You will have a nice outdoor dining set. Also, your garden, patio, or deck will look more attractive.

Do not worry rust or rainwater will damage the chair. As a manufacturer of outdoor furniture, Triquimex make all-weather tables and chairs. We use innovative technologies to protect our furniture from the elements. We waterproof the mosaic top for weather resistance. We powder coat the iron frame to give it nice finish and keep it away from rust.

Therefore, you can place this mosaic garden dining chair outdoors for years with confidence about its durability. The chair can withstand the elements and keep its long lasting beauty. Also, because the chair is heavy, it is hard to fall down in strong winds. Moreover, it requires low maintenance, so it will not take you too much time to care it. After the rain, just use a dry cloth to clean it dry.

The mosaic garden dining chair with iron frame is 45/100 cm high. The rectangular seat is 48 cm long and 45 cm wide.