GH-052 Metal Outdoor Dining Armchair

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GH-052 Metal Outdoor Dining Armchair

Triquimex’s metal outdoor dining armchair, numbered GH-052, is made of iron. It is manufactured by Triquimex.

• Iron frame

• Powder coating

• Stacking chair

The chair features slatted back and seat. The armrests are flat but decorative with simple scrollwork. Although it has no stretcher, the chair is still strong with four iron legs. Sitting on the chair, you may feel relaxed and comfortable.

This metal outdoor dining armchair can withstand the elements. We powder coat the chair for beauty and anti-rust. Therefore, the chair can be placed outdoors all year round. In addition, you may love to choose a mosaic outdoor dining table to go with the chair.

Triquimex have a wide range of mosaic tables for you to choose from. Our mosaic outdoor tables are waterproofed and powder coated for durability. Therefore, if you choose our table and chairs, you will have a heavy-duty dining set with many years of outdoor use.

You can add a cushion on the seat for more comfort and attractiveness. The cushion is removable, so you can easily wash it when needed. And please note that Triquimex can provide you with cushions for the chair. Also, the chair can come in various finish colors up to your taste.

The dining armchair is a stacking chair. It means you can put a chair over another one to keep them neat and save space for transport or storage. If you order the chair in large quantity and have special packing requirement for transport, feel free to tell us. We have many packing methods to meet your requirements.

This metal outdoor dining armchair is made in our furniture factory in Bình Dương Province. If you are looking for an outdoor furniture manufacturer and considering working with Triquimex, contact us. Also we welcome you to visit our factory at any time.