GH-003 Metal Folding Chair

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GH-003 Metal Folding Chair

Triquimex’s metal folding chair, numbered GH-003, is from our collection of wrought iron bistro chairs.

• Iron frame

• Folding system

• Powder coating

The chair is made of iron. It features a slat back, well supporting your back. The folding system makes it a practical and convenient piece of furniture. You can easily bring it from one place to another. Also, it save you space for storage when you consider it an occasional chair.

The four legs are in the folding system. Every two leg has a stretcher. The stretcher of the two front legs is also the foot rest. They make a stable and comfortable metal folding chair. The round lattice seat will bring you firm seating. However, you may love to combine the chair with a round cushion for comfort. The cushion can be sold together with the chair, if required.

Up to 2015, Triquimex have had more than 10 years of experience in wrought iron furniture. We know how to make chairs nice, stable, and durable. Our workers work with all their attention to details to make parts of the chair and then assemble them into a complete chair.

In addition, we try our best to make convenient furniture to make your life easier. This metal folding chair is a good choice for small space, whether indoors or outdoors. It can be paired with a small bistro table to make your balcony a great seating area.

When you place it outdoors, you will not have to worry about its durability. As mentioned, Triquimex is an experienced manufacturer. Therefore, we have approached innovative technologies to make the all-weather outdoor furniture.

We powder coat this metal folding chair to keep its long lasting beauty and make it weather resistant. Therefore, you can feel free to place the chair outdoors.