Iron Outdoor Coffee Chair from Vietnamese Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

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Iron Outdoor Coffee Chair, numbered GH 066, will bring an elegant and luxury look for exhibition space; This one is one of products from Outdoor garden coffee furniture manufacturer in Vietnam.

The iron outdoor coffee chair is produced with simple design, youthful style, and bright color. With this kind of iron coffee chair you will find your garden coffee’s yard an impressive, attractive, and modern space.

The iron outdoor coffee chair GH 066 is made from iron bars treated by power coating method. With modern technology TIG, customers do not need to worry about product’s durability and solidity. Moreover, this is the form of this deckchair will make it easy for decoration in space or saving space in storage.

One special feature of the iron outdoor coffee chair is its attractive color.It is covered in bright blue, the color of youthfulness.Vietnamese outdoor furniture factory can also customize this kind of iron outdoor coffee chair in other attractive colors according to customer’s offer. Choosing Triquimex, you will feel free to create your own space follow your interests and your own colors.

The youthfulness and relaxation that this iron outdoor garden chair brings to you is one of the elements to keep customers stay longer in your place. Besides using this iron outdoor coffee chair in garden coffee shop, garden cáfe, garden restaurant, you can also place it in your garden patio for more seating. This kind of outdoor coffee chair goes well with wrought iron bistro table from Triquimex, a Vietnamese garden furniture manufacturer.

As a metal furniture manufacturer, Triquimex is always concerned about quality to make customer satisfied. We consider quality as our priority. Our factory always chooses good raw materials for the best quality of products. All the metal details of our products are applied powder coating treatment to against termite and bad effect from the outside. Therefore, it’s not necessary for customer to worry about the certainty and durability of our products.