GH-049 Iron Frame Sled Base Stacking Chair

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GH-049 Iron Frame Sled Base Stacking Chair

Triquimex’s iron frame sled base stacking chair, numbered GH-049, has a modern look.

• Iron frame

• Sled base

• Powder coating

Triquimex is a manufacturer of metal furniture in Vietnam. We mainly work with wrought iron. Wrought iron is a flexible material to make furniture. Wrought iron table and chairs can come in various styles from classic to contemporary.

The iron frame sled base stacking chair is an example of how modern a wrought iron chair can be. The back and the seat are constructed of iron wires. The sled base includes two bent iron rods flat across the floor. The rods look thin but they are strong to make a stable chair.

The chair is neat and modern in design. It is suitable for any décor setting, indoors or outdoors. You can combine it with a modern bistro table or a mosaic dining table. This is a stacking chair. The feature will make your transport or storage become more convenient.

When sitting on the chair, you may feel its firmness. The chair is 45/90 cm high. The seat is 40 cm wide. The dimensions will ensures you comfortable seating. Leaning backwards, you may feel relaxing. In addition, you may want to add a cushion to the seat for more comfort. The cushion can be included, if required.

Triquimex have sold this iron frame sled base stacking chair for many coffee shops in Vietnam. And the shop owners all are satisfied with the chair quality. We specialize in outdoor furniture, so our tables and chairs are always fully protected to withstand the elements.

We powder coat all metal details so that this iron frame sled base stacking chair can resist rust. Also, powder coating gives the chair a nice finish. And please note that the finish color is optional.