PK-019 Iron Frame Mosaic Plant Stand

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PK-019 Iron Frame Mosaic Plant Stand

Triquimex’s iron frame mosaic plant stand, numbered PK-019, will look great in the corner of your living room or on the garden.

• Mosaic top

• Iron base

• Waterproofing and powder coating

This plant stand is stylish with a flower-like mosaic top. The “flower” is tiled with mosaic tiles. The tiles can be terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles, or marble stones up to your demand. On the center of the flower and its petal is a “dot” coming in bold color. As a whole, the plant stand is very catchy.

This mosaic plant stand features is well supported by an iron base. The base has three legs. They are strengthened and decorated by a curved triangular stretcher. The material of wrought iron brings the stand a strong structure and stylish appearance.

Triquimex is a manufacturer of garden accessories. This iron frame mosaic plant stand is made in our garden furniture factory in Vietnam. In the factory, we have skilled craftspeople and necessary machines to make wrought iron and mosaic plant stands. Their beauty and quality stand the test of time.

We waterproof the mosaic surface for water resistance. We give the iron base a nice powder coated finish for beauty and anti-rust. Therefore, the stand can be placed inside or outside.

With this plant stand, you will have chance to bring nature to your house. It will be a good place to put a potted flower or plant. The same stylish flower display can be found in your garden.

The iron frame mosaic plant stand is available in the height of 10 cm, 20 cm, or 30 cm. It weighs at least 2500 grams. The dimensions can be changed to fit your taste. You can order the set of 3 plant stands with different heights to showcase your beautiful plants and flowers in style.